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Bookkeeping & Payroll

Professional Bookkeeping & Payroll Services in New Iberia

Running a successful business is hard enough with the many extra tasks associated with your accounting needs. Every enterprise, new or old, has accounting functions that keep it operating and keep the owner informed of the business’s financial health.

Accounting tasks can be time-consuming, however, and it is easy for the uninitiated to make mistakes that can become costly down the road. That’s why Tax Services LLC provides businesses in New Iberia with our professional bookkeeping and payroll services to keep them running smoothly.

Keeping Your Books Balanced

Bookkeeping is the backbone of all accounting. It is the record of transactions, balances, and cash flow that keep you informed of how your business is performing and where you stand financially. An accurate, detailed ledger can spell the difference between staying on budget and stretching yourself too thin without realizing it.

Our team will get to know your company’s processes and accounting system and help you make them as efficient as possible. Our bookkeeping services provide you with insight into your finances you need to make the right choices for health and growth.

Compliant Payroll Services

Like most businesses, you probably have employees. After all, more work goes into most companies than one person can perform alone, making the labor of hired workers invaluable.

However, with employees come red tape, bureaucracy, and new tax laws to navigate. Without a full understanding of the requirements that come with employees, it can be easy for new entrepreneurs who are hiring for the first time to overlook minor regulations that can result in costly fines.

Our firm handles these functions to ensure that your employees are paid fairly, accurately, and on time. Don’t get lost in employee taxes and withholdings – let us help!

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